Smoking out my old friends

My old friends from high university, as close as they were at the time, grew apart when I moved away for university.

The last time all of us all got together was under morbid circumstances ,the loss of an old friend.

It was a rough week, dealing with that, however it did reconnect a bunch of us, and remind us why all of us used to be so close. A few weeks later I went back, to try and connect with them under better circumstances, and I am so blissful I did. The two of us went out to the old fishing shack all of us used to use for smoking marijuana and getting drunk on the weekends. Mary Sue brought a twelve pack of imported beer, and I brought a giant old fat pre-rolled hog leg of primo cannabis. I buy all my stuff at the cannabis dispensary, so it is high grade, however back beach house they don’t even have a dispensary. That means the yare still used to smoking ditch weed, so my OG Kush joint came down on their heads like a mighty hammer of Thor. These folks were so stoned, off just a few tokes of this cannabis blend, meanwhile I was laboring on a pleasant buzz, then kenneth had a blunt of local weed, however it felt like smoking a used cigar, so all of us just kept on with my primo cannabis buds. It felt absolutely fantastic to connect with everybody, and as all smokers think a circle of old friends sharing cannabis can lead to the best times of your life. I absolutely missed them!

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