I can’t believe we couldn’t find the marijuana.

My friends and I were heading out for a weekend at our favorite hunting cabin.

It wasn’t hunting season, but it seemed like a good weekend to get away from the world and relax. We had a long week at work and when I got the text, I was in. By the time the text got around, there were five of us all meeting up at the cabin. It was my turn to bring the marijuana, and I had about four ounces ready for travel. I had it stuffed in a peanut butter jar and inside a coffee can. I didn’t think anyone would find it, but why take a chance. One of the guys stopped to pick me up and we packed everything in the back seat. When the car started to sputter, we knew we had a problem. Our cabin was about a three hour trip and we were still an hour away. He laughed and said he had AAA, but that wasn’t solving the problem I was afraid we could have. I could smell the weed, and I was afraid that whoever came to tow us to the nearest garage, would also be able to smell the weed. We decided to move the weed from the car before the tow truck arrived. We saw a rock on the side of the road, and thought it would be a good road marker. We buried the marijuana next to the rock. Unfortunately, there were several rocks on that road that made good road markers. After searching for two hours, we gave up looking for the marijuana.

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