I can’t wait to get my weed delivered to me

It’s amazing how some online retailers will log your birth date and send you coupons for your birthday every year.

I acquired a 50% off a single item only coupon from the outdoor recreation store I browse respectfully.

One of my favorite hobbies is archery. My father is a deerhunter, but I don’t like hunting myself. I always loved shooting a bow and arrow. As I got older I started joining archery clubs and was soon shooting competitively. These mornings I only pick up my bow for fun, I don’t enter any contests anymore. With that said, I was happy to finally have the ability to afford a better bow. It wasn’t something I could simply afford to buy in the last few years, since I already own several! I have a neighbor who is the same way with guitars. It’s not that he needs more guitars, but each one gives him large joy. This year I also acquired a birthday coupon from my favorite cannabis dispensary. This is the legal marijuana store that offers delivery anywhere in the state. I don’t like going to dispensaries in person anymore because of COVID, so I was happy to get a free delivery coupon from my favorite cannabis delivery service! I made an order last night and I’m expecting the delivery from the cannabis dispensary sometime later this day. It’s straight-forward using the cannabis delivery service. They provide you with an hour window the morning of the delivery, and then the delivery driver texts you when they’re on their way to your house from their last stop. You can’t beat home delivery for cannabis products, especially when the delivery is free on your birthday.



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