I couldn’t believe we almost didn't have enough marijuana.

Every year, my friends and I head to the beach house my parents own.

They quit going to the beach house when the kids were all grown up.

I wanted to buy the beach house, but mom and dad said that wasn’t necessary. They just gave it to me. Now, my friends and I use it as a way to get away. We have girls’ weekends whenever the world is closing in on us. Last month, we decided it was time to have a weekend away. We packed up all the wine we could take, had about three ounces of OG Kush, and our clothing, then headed out. We planned on buying our food when we got there. We did use a little bit of the marijuana on our trip to the beach. We didn’t want to be high while driving, so we were really careful. Once we got there, it was a three-day weekend of partying and relaxing. I could have never believed that we would be able to use up three ounces of OG Kush in just a couple days. I will admit that our parties were a bit crazy when some of our regular friends showed up at the beach. We had one party where there must have been about thirty people in the beach house. I know that I wanted to party hard since I was getting married in two months. By the time we were heading home on Monday, we were scraping up even the dust of marijuana, so we could have just one more joint before heading home.

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