I don’t understand why the politicians call marijuana a drug.

I can’t wait for the politicians to quit sitting on their hands and make marijuana legal.

The worst thing they could have done was to legalize marijuana just for medicinal purposes.

Medical marijuana has driven home the archaic idea that marijuana is a drug. Marijuana is a natural substance that has been growing wild for eons. How can something that is in nature be bad for you. It isn’t like it needs to be processed and have other things added to it so it can be ingested. You can use marijuana in food. Marijuana isn’t just for smoking, or even for being used in bowls. If marijuana can be used in its natural form and it was created in nature, how can it be a drug? They have said that it has some amazing medicinal properties. It can ease everything from nausea to pain, help with PTSD and panic attacks, and marijuana can even be used for people who have depression. This means marijuana is possibly one of the most sought after natural remedies for nearly everything that can ail you. Maybe that is why there is so much debate over legalizing marijuana. The government will be able to get a premium price for something that should be allowed to grow in the wild. They’ll make sure they know where and how it is grown and they’ll be the ones making a lot of money and no one will have marijuana unless the government knows who you are. I have been using marijuana for years and I don’t even feel the paranoia they say marijuana can cause. I think the government is just sticking its nose into too many places that it doesn’t belong.

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