I’m working for a marijuana dispensary.

I never thought I would be a member of society, but here I am.

  • I am forty years old and just entering the world as an entrepreneur.

I never thought I would get here. I grew up to parents who were from the era of hippies. Mom and dad believed in making love not war, and we lived in a compound with other members of their ‘family’. I was helping them grow different strains of marijuana even before I was able to say the word. I found I had a natural ability to make things grow. Marijuana is a beautiful plant and I loved the smell that it gave off. Even before I knew what it was, I was able to differentiate the strains, just from their odor. I knew exactly what mom and dad had planted, from the time they burst through the ground. As I got older, I could taste the marijuana and tell mom and dad if it was good quality. We were growing small obscure batches that had such good quality, we were getting premium prices for its sale. Then the legalization of marijuana began. I was now growing marijuana for medical purposes. I am still growing the highest quality product and getting phenomenal compensation for it. People request my product. Is it any wonder that I am now working for a marijuana dispensary that I own. Who else can sell marijuana better than someone who not just grew up with it, but is a regular user and grower of the marijuana they are purchasing. I am loving being a part of corporate America.
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