I need to keep my sense of discovery open

I easily remember how wide eyed I was when I was a kid.

While I have to measure my memories a bit with the fact that was a lengthy time ago, it still feels especially real to me nowadays.

There was just a certain freedom or curiosity that totally went with life. Of course, my parents were trying to teach me right from wrong plus school me in the various realities of life. Yet, I can totally remember just riding my bike plus the whole world just felt open to me. I missed that feeling for a good amount of years. Then I made the choice to reopen my sense of discovery plus possibility. One way was by going to see the local cannabis store near where I live. It has been there for a little while but I just never could get the courage to head inside the place. I had used recreational marijuana back in my early 20’s. There was a sense of freedom I felt back then that had something to do with the sativa I used. Yet, when I got fully into adult life plus having a career, I put recreational marijuana aside. That was possibly a mistake. But then again, that was an age where marijuana for sale wasn’t legal or readily available. It’s not like I knew a cannabis grower or anything. Plus, it just was so frowned upon plus potentially job interrupting. So when I made that first trip to the cannabis dispensary, it was a step toward real discovery. And I want to spend the rest of my life not being scared of what makes me happy.
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