I never knew what it was like partaking in cannabis

Life sincerely has never held that spark for me. Since around high school, I have felt pretty much like my life is more something to get through than it is to reside plus enjoy. And, I certainly don’t love that about myself. So much so that I have reached out to all kinds of therapists plus have run the gamut when it comes to all the antidepressants I have had to take. It basically seemed hopeless to me. However, that has changed up a good amount now. An acquaintance of mine who uses recreational marijuana made the suggestion that all of us visit the local cannabis spot to help him select a sativa strain he had been trying to find. Come to find out, he had planned ahead for us to spend the weekend together for the express reason to introduce me to cannabis products. Had he asked me to try some recreational marijuana, I likely would have declined. Not that I have anything against the use of recreational marijuana products. And I truly don’t buy into all that nonsense plus myths that have surrounded the use of marijuana products for the longest time. Mainly, I would have declined because he normally smokes the cannabis products in flower form. And I just am not able to deal with smoke. This is why he walked me directly over to the vast array of edible cannabis products in the marijuana dispensary. I bought one plus made the decision to go to the park for a picnic where I was able to enjoy myself for a little while. I have to say that after that experience, I now see how life can be viewed much differently. It was such an eye opening experience plus it was fantastic to be with someone who could help guide me through that initial experience. This won’t be my last trip to the cannabis dispensary.
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