Achieving dementia relief with medicinal cannabis

Anyone who had a parent or loved one with Alzhiemers or any sort of dementia knows the pain of that particular disease.

My father is in the mid stages of dementia and I find it strenuous at times to help him.

This isn’t going to be cured and he may not live all that much longer. My wish for him is to have the most quality of life possible while he is facing this. Medical marijuana is helping in that particular pursuit. The medications he is on work extremely well as far as I can tell. Yet, adding medical marijuana to his treatment has made a few positive changes. It’s not going to fully relieve or reverse the dementia. That’s just not going to happen. However, I have noticed that he has had more periods of clarity since incorporating medical cannabis. The moments of recognition are more frequent and last longer with medical marijuana. Of course the disorientation periods always return. And yet, those periods are not quite as scary for him as they were. When he’s absolutely lucid, he knows what he easily has. When he’s not, it was so much fear before the medical marijuana. After using the cannabis gummies, there is an ease that is practically palpable when he is disoriented. That is an enhancement for certain. And any bonus quality of life moment my dad can experience is definitely a win. It’s wonderful to be able to have a few more moments where we can talk like father and kid. Now that he is living with me, I am the caregiver but he’s still my dad. Medical marijuana has helped him achieve more and longer lasting periods where he’s still trying to help me out.

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