I was able to get my nauseous feelings under control with cannabis

I have had some pretty weird things happen to me in this lifetime.

From crazy freak accidents to the most stunning coincidences, I have seen a lot out there.

Some of it had been great and some of it has been bad. However, I have had to deal with a strange, bad thing in recent years. Medical marijuana is helping me deal with this particular thing. For numerous years, I would totally feel nauseous or even throw up in moments of severe stress. Not all stressful situations would bring it on. For the most part, it was the feeling of being overwhelmed or totally hopeless and still have to fight on that did it. It basically came and went for a good part of my adult life. Then, the whole thing just went totally haywire. I would actually wake up at 4am and throw up almost uncontrollably. Before I got a cannabis education and started using medical cannabis products, the healthcare workers were basically just knocking me out regularly. I definitely get it, they were trying to keep me from tearing a hole in my esophagus. Still, it was not something that was sustainable but they really didn’t have anything else that really helped out. Fortunately, I found a therapist who knew about Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome and guided me through the steps I needed to take. She was able to walk me through the medical marijuana regulations so I could access the cannabis dispensary. Working with her was a truly pressing part of my therapy because I was able to learn a huge amount about my underlying feelings that were part of the complication. But the medical cannabis helped stop the throwing up and I was able to see things from a brand new perspective.
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