Stopping the pain

I’m entirely not sure if arthritis is passed from person to person.

There are different ideas regarding that thought. I tend to feel that it entirely just doesn’t matter. All I think is that I have it. And it’s a difficult thing to live with. However, I am finding a lot of relief by using medical cannabis. I find it entirely odd that the one thing that is entirely helping me is something I was once super opposed to. I grew up thinking any sort of cannabis item was a life destroying thing. This was the result of a lot of school teaching and ignorance. When medical marijuana was on the ballot, I even voted not for it. And this is when I was starting to have real problems from my arthritis. The doctors kept up with all the pills and the dosages continued to rise. It got to the point where I was not just on anti inflammatory meds but pain killers too. My daughter was the one who implored me to try medical cannabis. Since it was now okay in our state, I didn’t feel it was so bad anymore. What a hypocrite right? Anyway, the more cannabis information that I got, the more I found out just how much it could help my situation. It just finally made sense to just try it out temporarily. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I did. Medical marijuana has been a game changer for my case. And I feel so humbled by all the crap I spewed about what a horrible thing cannabis products are when I had no clue.



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