Went to the local cannabis store with my buddies

A couple of my friends have been so pleased over the last few weeks.

It’s not some new show or a new album drop. No there has been a huge amount of anticipation over the fact that there is a new cannabis dispensary in our community. This is quite the joy for those who have been waiting for a cannabis dispensary for years. Medical marijuana has been legal for a pretty good amount of time now. But our region recently legalized recreational marijuana not especially long ago. There were a couple of new cannabis dispensaries to come up since then. However, there actually wasn’t one near us. Well that has all changed altogether. And I joined in on all the excitement and went with friends to see exactly what all the satisfaction was about. I had used cannabis before and definitely appreciated it. Yet, that’s when it wasn’t legal so I never particularly gave it too much of a chance. I particularly didn’t want to get to enjoying something a great deal that I couldn’t get access to. And since I didn’t really know any marijuana growers, it wasn’t like I was going to search out an illegal substance. Once cannabis eventually became legal, I started to drink a bit more with those in my circle who were entirely into it. I’ve come to find that I particularly appreciate the sativa strains the most. So I took my very first trip to the new local cannabis spot to see if I could get the sort of sativa strain that I had consumed before. Not only did I find what I was looking for, there were a huge amount of other sativa strains that I got a few samples to try out. I really must say that I was just about as thrilled during that trip visiting the cannabis dispensary as my friends were.
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