What can you do for anxiety?

I was in a medical marijuana dispensary a couple weeks back.

  • My sister went there to fill her prescription and she took me along.

I knew I couldn’t purchase medical marijuana without any documentation, but I wondered if I may be able to purchase CBD. I knew that CBD was allowed, but I had never purchased any. I talked to the clerk at the counter. I asked what she would advocate for anxieties. She started to talk about the different types of marijuana products. I stopped her right then and there. I told her I didn’t have a prescription for medical weed. I wanted to know if they had any CBD that would help with anxiety. She got a bottle of CBD chocolate off the counter. That was the strongest they had. I got a few free samples to try. If they helped, she would gladly sell me a full bottle. She went to the back room and found a packet that had 10 gummies inside. I couldn’t wait to get back home to try out those CBD products. If they worked, I wasn’t going to go back for a bigger bottle. I was planning on talking to my doctor to see if I couldn’t get a prescription for medical marijiuana. All of the prescriptions for anxieties medication didn’t work, maybe the CBD would work for me. A month later I was in our doctor’s office for my annual visit. I told him about the CBD and how it made me feel. I finally asked about medical marijuana in addition to he told me which doctor to go to for the prescription.

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