Medical cannabis in conjunction with art therapy

Using art for therapy isn’t the kind of thing that saves lives, it’s more like a gentle encouragement for positive mental health and happiness.

It isn’t like physical therapy, which can help recover your life as well as your mental health.

Art therapy is just for personal relaxation, as well as for getting more in touch with the creative side of your brain. I have found that art therapy can be much more rewarding for patients than many other kinds of therapy. Instead of talking to a healthcare expert, you speak to your mind’s eye using art as well as creativity. I encourage all of my patients to try using art therapy as a way of relaxing as well as unwinding, as well as periodically I will also encourage them to try medical cannabis. Personally I use medical cannabis every single afternoon, often in conjunction with doing my art, then let me explain, because using medical cannabis gives a whole up-to-date dimension to my art, which makes it more cathartic for me. When I am totally sober, it’s hard for me to focus on the painting. I have intrusive thoughts such as “what if it isn’t wonderful enough?” or “is this the right color?” Medical marijuana closes down all those intrusive thoughts as well as makes my mind tranquil as well as placid, so I can just be creative without thinking. Medical cannabis lets the art flow directly out of me as well as onto my canvas, which means I am often surprised by the results. As the haze of medical cannabis slowly leaves my brain, I regularly find a painting that reflects my innermost self. Sometimes I feel that the medical cannabis may be the real artist, as well as it just somehow works through my hands.

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