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Stopping the pain

I’m entirely not sure if arthritis is passed from person to person. There are different ideas regarding that thought. I tend to feel that it entirely just doesn’t matter. All I think is that I have it. And it’s a difficult thing to live with. However, I am finding a lot of relief by using […]

Able to help my tight muscles

For some reason, my body went through such a different transformation. But thanks to medical cannabis, I am able to handle it, initially, I thought it was just a portion of getting older. I would go for a walk or play a little tennis and would experience muscle spasms. This was concerning but I simply […]

A new health problem

When I went to the cannabis dispensary, I found an expert staff that was highly versed in treating someone just like myself using medical cannabis. Who knew that such a tiny little thing could cause such trouble for a healthy guy like? And yet, it did. I went for a dinner that changed my life […]

Getting the help I need with MS

There are times in life one simply has to deal with things. That’s not something I have ever been great at. Having MS changed that thought process entirely. The use of medical marijuana allows me to maintain that perspective. Until I was 50, I was out to solve problems. Managing problems was not something I […]

Holistic approach to back pain

The term bad back never applied to me. It also meant nothing to me really. It was the complaint of an outdated guy who let his body get really out of shape. It was like some sort of a ready excuse to validate terrible judgement. Well I am talking now from experience when it comes […]

Using medical weed for cramping and flare ups

A flare up of Crohn’s disease is really rough. I experience all sorts of harsh cramping and belly pain. And then there are other symptoms that are just the worst. You can get diarrhea and nausea. I have been dealing with this situation for a few years now. My doctors have been great in helping […]

Being natural with my anxiety relief

I’m here to declare that medical marijuana helps my life in a pressing way. Anxiety had been a portion of my everyday life since at least 18. And it may have gone back even further though I am sort of not clear on that. Regardless, anxiety has been something I have had to deal with […]

Helping me to see better

Everybody has lots of health problems that we deal with for no other reason than who our mom and dad are and the genes they gave to us. I think there are a lot of things that I’m thankful for when it comes to my genes. I’m a healthy man with clear skin and white […]