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Recreational weed has been a benefit to my life

I can’t count the times where I have wanted to use recreational marijuana plus was not able to find any. The laws plus the stigma surrounding recreational cannabis made it so difficult to find plus use. This led to myself and others having to let go of recreational marijuana for a really long time. However, […]

The harshness of substance abuse

Marijunana is derived from the weed plant and used for medicinal and recreational purposes across the world. There are over 500 compounds found in the plant and many ways to consume them. While it’s commonly smoked or vaped, cannabis-infused foods and drinks have been used since as far back as 1000 BC. Sadly, marijuana was […]

What cannabis can help with

I work at a high end medicinal and recreational cannabis shop, we see over a hundred buyers walk through our doors each and every day. We’re so busy that we’ve extended our company times, staying open later throughout the month and offering hours on Saturday and Sunday as well! Our buyers all have easily uncommon […]

Cannabis delivery

Until the recent health threats from Covid, I enjoyed visiting the cannabis dispensary a couple times per month. I liked the opportunity to see and smell the various products. The budtenders are extremely knowledgeable and always offered really great advice. I’d go in and check out what the dispensary was offering on special. I looked […]

Hoping cannabis can treat psoriasis

I have struggled with a skin condition called psoriasis for the majority of my adult life. At first, I had no idea what it was. I noticed an itchy rash on my knees and expected it to go away. When it worsened, I finally went to the doctor. I’d never heard of psoriasis before. I […]

Cannabis topicals help with arthritis

I have arthritis pain that is the result of joint inflammation I just recently learned about cannabis-infused topicals. I knew that marijuana was available in loose flower, oils, edibles and drinks but wasn’t aware of the many lotions and ointments. Cannabis topicals are applied directly to the surface of the sink and used for fast-acting […]

Benefits of recreational marijuana use

While more people are accepting the medicinal potential and benefits of cannabis, there are still concerns over recreational usage. We definitely need more research, more studies and more publicized information. The majority of people who have such a problem with marijuana, don’t actually know much about it. They’ve probably never tried it and aren’t knowledgeable […]