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Bargain shopping for cannabis

At first I was stoked that cannabis was legalized in this state. There has been a lot of debate over the last few years, but finally the potheads scored a victory for legalization. I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, but I was wrong. After two years of legalization, pot has become a very […]

My plans for a cannabis film festival

This cannabis dispensary is pretty small. There are a total of five employees, including the manager who also owns the place. It’s good that I am not career-driven, because there is no way to “move up the corporate” ladder with so few employees. A few weeks ago I finally got a chance for a promotion. […]

A flash sale at the cannabis dispensary

How was your weekend? Mine was amazing. It might have been the best weekend of my entire life. After work on Friday there was an office party, and I only went so I wouldn’t be rude to my coworkers. There was no liquor at the party, just snacks and soda, and it all seemed pretty […]

I prefer smoking weed the old-fashioned way

When I start feeling anxious I get lost in my own thoughts, which makes it almost impossible to fall asleep. Have you ever laid in bed, staring at the ceilling and unable to sleep while you remember every stupid and cringey thing you’ve ever done? That was an every night affair for me. I would […]

Senior citizens smoke the best cannabis

Half the time when I get a tip for delivery pizza it comes in the form of a cannabis nugget Never in a million years did I think that an old folks retirement community would be home to the best weed in the world. I knew that there were legal cannabis dispensaries in the area, […]

Hot Yoga or Pot Yoga?

The owner of the yoga studio asked me to take a job there and become an instructor. Mike has asked me this three previous times, and I always say no. He had a different offer this time, which caught my attention. Mike runs a very successful yoga studio on behalf of a consortium of investors. […]