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Web build for dispensaries

I am not tech smart at all. I actually needed some assistance with our website, years ago I set up our website through an online platform similar to wix. It was a problem. My website looked gross and barely worked. It also was holding me back. I had curbside pick up given but couldn’t figure […]

Can’t just rely on word of mouth

I am an expert on all things weed. I feel all sorts of cannabis strains adore Orange Kush, Blue Dream, Purple Haze and Girl Scout Cookies. I know about THC and CBD degrees. I have cannabis oil, flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures and smoking apparatuses at our marijuana dispensary. What I do have is any digital […]

A dispensary driver ran into my mailbox

A few weeks after my wifey Jo plus I bought our current house, Jo contacted a recreational marijuana delivery service. The recreational marijuana delivery driver had an online order form. Jo carefully filled out all of the information, including our name, iPhone number, address, plus get drivers license information. Jo even had to upload a […]

Our old librarian caught kids smoking weed

Pat, our university librarian called me on Wednesday day. I was already on my way back to my condo for the evening plus I was surprised to acquire a telephone call from the university. I decided to answer the call although I was already gone for the day. Pat told me that she found some […]

The pick up order was ready and waiting when I arrived

I couldn’t call the dispensary and I was worried that they would put everything in my order back on the shelf I went online to order some items from a local cannabis dispensary. The cannabis dispensary was having a huge sale. Everything in the store was 20% off, including concentrates, flour, and Edibles. I added […]

Utilizing CBD treats for the dog

The CBD treats are supposed to make our dog feel more calm Because I live in an actual new home building, there are certain rules and regulations regarding pets, and my dog has been residing with me in the new home for two years. Everyone knows that I have a dog. Most of the neighbors […]