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Medical cannabis eased my feelings of nausea

She was able to lead me through the medical marijuana regulations so I could be granted access to the cannabis dispensary I have had various strange things happen to me in this life. From freak accidents to the most fantastic coincidences, I have seen plenty of things out there. Some of it had been wonderful […]

What can you do for anxiety?

I was in a medical marijuana dispensary a couple weeks back. My sister went there to fill her prescription and she took me along. I knew I couldn’t purchase medical marijuana without any documentation, but I wondered if I may be able to purchase CBD. I knew that CBD was allowed, but I had never […]

Needed it in order to move better

I was using CBD cream that I purchased at the medical marijuana dispensary After an automobile accident, it took quite a while to get back to normal. I had broken my shoulder blade. Even though it had been nearly a few years, I had a drastic disadvantage in how I moved. It was painful to […]