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I went in to buy CBD products.

Last week, I had to purchase some new CBD products. When I got in an accident, I did a whole lot of nerve damage to our hands and fingers. The only thing that kept me working, is using CBD cream and rubbing it into all of our fingers and both wrists. After ten or fifteen […]

They got weed at the weed dispensary?

A bunch of our close friends had been talking about all the weed they bought at the weed dispensary. I thought that they were just telling stories. To be honest, I knew they were telling stories, hoping to make themselves sound like they were bigshots. They were genuinely making themselves sound out to be idiots. […]

Finding out about the local cannabis spot

I’ve come to find that I really like the sativa strains the most. Some of my friends have been so excited over the last few weeks. It’s not some new show or a new album drop. No there has been much anticipation over the fact that there is a new cannabis dispensary in town. This […]