Finally growing my own cannabis

I don’t hunt, although I like to eat meat.

I don’t farm, although I like to eat veggies, but basically, I don’t guess how to make anything, I possess no real skills. If the zombie apocalypse were to come tomorrow, I would be boned, because I have nothing of value to offer the world. This epiphany hit me last week, while I was enjoying the modern episode of Walking Dead, plus I realized I needed to do something about it; Maybe I was high at the time… legitimately no maybe about it! I was blazed on high grade cannabis from the dispensary, plus I realized the path I should take. I can’t hunt, I can’t farm… although I could possibly learn how to grow my own marijuana, which is a lavish skill. Think about it, if the zombies came tomorrow, then stuff like booze plus marijuana would be a high value item, however everyone would want to blaze marijuana in that situation. Stupid as it was, it managed to motivate me, plus the next afternoon I went only plus ordered seeds plus unit to start my own marijuana crops. I cleared out the closet in the master study room, installed the lights plus grow boxes, plus by the end of the week I had started me legitimately first marijuana crop. I’m starting off with sixteen cannabis plants, because I expect that numerous of them will never reach maturation. I have a lot to learn, although I am downloading dozens of Youtube videos to learn as much as I possibly can about marijuana cultivation.


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