I’m not going to keep spending money in that dispensary

I have been a medical marijuana patient for the past six months and there are only a couple of dispensaries that are close to my home.

Only one of those dispensaries sells concentrate.

Concentrate is a vapeable inhalant that can get you high. Concentrates are more expensive than pot, but they last a lot longer. I spend about $400 monthly on inhalants like shatter, wax, and resin, but the manager at the dispensary still treats me like a bum. I’m really unhappy with the service that I have received lately. I received an email text message from the marijuana dispensary early in the morning. An hour later, I arrived for the sale and everything was sold out. I was aggravated and I told the manager that I thought it was awful to advertise a big sale without a lot of products. After all, I drove 35 minutes to the dispensary for that sale. The manager didn’t seem to care about my problem. I ordered delivery next time there was a sale. I didn’t want to deal with the manager or run into the same problem. The order sent to my home was totally wrong. I called the manager and I told her that I wasn’t going to continue to spend money in that store if she doesn’t do something about all of the problems. She offered to give me 10% off my next purchase and make the order right. The delivery driver came with the right package that time, but I don’t feel very comfortable ever buying marijuana from that particular store again.

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