Making food with CBD

My best friend has had an exciting job history since we finished school.

When I went off to college, she decided to attend a local trade school.

I was a history major while she was in culinary school dreaming of becoming an apprentice to a master chef. She kept reading more about food, even after she graduated from culinary school and started working underneath chefs in a prestigious restaurant located in our city’s bustling theater district. By the time I finished my college, my job prospects looked rather small; my neighbor had already paid off all of her debt. She had these exciting plans about reading the skills behind cannabis oil extraction from the professionals in the field… In her freetime she had read expansively about marijuana. She learned how it’s cultivated and prepared for many forms of use or routes of administration. She told me that distillate oil and other cannabis extracts are what regularly got her attention. Her number one form of cannabis to consume is full spectrum shatter. Apparently the best strains deliver a hard punch when you vaporize highly potent cannabis oil shatter. But it’s not the easiest task making a cannabis extract that is the consistency of taxing candy when it is at room temperature. So many cannabis extracts are either runny at room temperature or have a clay-like texture. Now that it has been a decade since she entered the cannabis cultivation industry, she now is renowned for her work with CBD extraction.


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