Online smoke session and horror movie watch party

All this COVID nonsense had been making me feel a lot of feelings, and roam through a lot of old memories. There are a number of friends that I miss dearly. Some of them are closeby, some are far off, but thanks to the quarantine that has been in effect for a while, they all feel distant. One of the things we all liked to do together was hang out, drink, smoke, and watch horror movies. I know that Zoom hangout aren’t as good as the real thing, but I decided to organize an online cannabis smoke session and horror movie watch party. Since I wanted it to be special I organized and paid for everything, including having the exact same blend of marijuana mailed to everyone’s house, along with a six pack of the same local beer. This way we could all drink the same drink, toke the same cannabis, and watch the same movie streaming at the same time. It isn’t like sharing cannabis with a circle of people in person, but I tell you it was a whole world of fun for me. We want to do it again soon, but decided that everyone having the same kind of marijuana was not essential to the process. It was kind of pricey to have the cannabis dispensary mail out all those different packages. Next time will be a different movie, and it will be BYOM or Bring Your Own Marijuana, but the important thing is that we are together, sort of. It’s the best we can get under the circumstances.

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