You have to be careful who you buy from

I do not enjoy getting burned by evil sellers when making online purchases of any sort.

For a few of us, our experiences with sketch online sellers started with the beginning of online sales.

Although they’ve made extreme steps in recent years to protect customers, that wasn’t always the case. I had two terrible experiences with online shopping when it was first launched. I remember ordering a band t-shirt that was coming from the United Kingdom. I waited two weeks worth of overseas shipping only to receive a box with a plain shirt in it. Once I signed back into my account to make a claim, the seller account had vanished. I doubt you’d ever experience something like this in today’s world, but this wasn’t the case a few years back. As much as I hated the experience, it taught me to be careful with whatever online merchants that I decide to do business with. My best friend needed a turn-key growing kit for cannabis and was looking all over the internet for a business. I have our own turn-key grow box and kit that I obtained from a highly reputable marijuana growing supplies chain. My friend argued that he could find the same equipment for much cheaper, and despite my warnings he obtained a kit from a fly by night business. He was scammed with bad supplies and terrible nutrients, making the whole marijuana growing kit unuseable. When he tried to get his money back, the website had been taken down. He has filed a claim with his ATM card business, however we’ll see where that leads him.


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