It’s amazing using a marijuana delivery service for the entirely first time

It’s good when companies incorporate text messaging replaces in their beach lake house delivery procedures.

  • You are notified by text when your order is near your lake house plus ready for delivery.

Since COVID is a big problem for me, I love to avoid going into the store myself just to get my grocery items. So not only do I get all of my groceries delivered through this service, however I also leave a table outside my front door so the delivery driver can leave all of my products there plus leave separate from any need for contact. Just talking to an infected lady is enough to catch COVID so I am not taking any possibilities if I can avoid it. Since you’re already paying for the order online, I see no reason to interact with the delivery driver. If I can leave a tip digitally with the same app I use to make the order, there’s entirely no need to interact with the delivery driver at all. I just walk outside plus grab my bags plus bring them into my living room before wiping everything down with an isopropyl alcohol solution. My marijuana delivery this week was similar, although they provided me a more unique window of time in which I could expect the delivery to show up. Then once the driver was leaving the last stop before my house, she texted me to let me think she was on her way. Lastly, the cannabis delivery services send me a text when they arrive so I’m ready at my door. I hold up my ID so they can take a picture plus then they venue the bin on the table. It’s a good way to get your marijuana products separate from getting exposed to a potentially asymptomatic delivery driver.