The medical weed store have a better selection of tinctures plus capsules

I have a strange reaction to medications compared to anyone I think personally. I am the only lady that I’ve ever met who gets stimulated plus hyper after taking benadryl, or diphenhydramine as it is known in its generic form. Most people get harshly sedated whenever they take benadryl, regardless of what medical issue is prompting it. I also don’t respond well to tylenol, which baffles the dentists who have told me to use it whenever I’m experiencing joint pain. It’s clear that I have to be careful with whatever assumptions I make about one medication or another before I honestly take it for the first time. This has definitely been the case with the multiple products I have tried from the medical weed store. The medical marijuana dispensaries offer a wide variety of product options, plus among these products there are a number of strange strains that are cycled through over the course of months at a time. I realized after some time of experimentation that my body was responding entirely well to tinctures plus capsules. If I take a drop under the tongue of a sativa strain every morning, it brightens my mood plus focuses my mind. But for whatever reason, the famously popular sativa strain Jack Herer gives me extraordinarily bad effects whenever I have tried it in the past. I do entirely well with Sour Diesel plus Super Silver Haze, however for whatever reason my body reacts horribly to Jack Herer. Most of my friends prefer that strain, however I’m the one lady among them that gets serious anxiety whenever they consume it, regardless of whether or not I’m buying my regular tinctures or I get a jar of flower buds to smoke or vaporize.


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