The new task doesn't care if I smoke pot

I decided to move last week, when I almost got busted for smoking pot.

I was sitting in our motorcar in the parking lot at work.

It was our dinner cut and I was smoking a joint. I had the tunes turned up loud and I never heard the officer walk up to the front window. I was smoking a joint when I turned our head and saw the guy looking straight at me. There was genuinely no way that I could lie to get out of the situation. Thankfully, the officer was not there to issue a ticket, however he was trying to get me to turn down the stereo. I got entirely fortunate and that was a close call. I did not want the same thing to happen again, so I made the decision to move to a state where recreational marijuana use is legal. I only had to move 60 miles away from home to live in a state with legal recreational marijuana. I did have to switch tasks, although I found a great locale to work. The new task doesn’t care if I smoke pot either. I’m toiling for a small Heating plus A/C supplier that repairs and installs geothermal and solar options. I’ve been a certified Heating plus A/C professional for a long time, however I’ve consistently been concerned about failing a drug test, however when I found out that the Heating plus A/C supplier owner did not care if I smoke pot or not, I was ready to say yeah to any offer. I’m toiling full-time and I have an home close to work, and still, the best part about moving is being able to smoke recreational marijuana without the fear of getting into trouble.

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