Cannabis Delivery Driver is my New Job

The pandemic has caused difficulties for local businesses.

  • The cleaning requirements, more limited hours & stupid rules have made it hard to stay open.

The little restaurant I worked at closed down. I started scrambling to find a job during the worst possible time. No retail stores are hiring workers. They simply don’t need them this year. What corporation is doing a more booming business now of all times? Well I found out that the cannabis world is rocking. They don’t require storefronts to do business… Cannabis delivery is a sizable thing that is only growing increasingly popular. You arena an order on the cannabis dispensary website, pay a delivery fee & a driver brings it to your front door or mailbox. That is what I do now, I am a delivery driver for cannabis products. I have to say, it is better than being a cook at a restaurant. I am in charge of when I drive. I also care about cranking my rock n roll & just chilling in my car. The work isn’t extremely difficult. I just style the address into my cellphone, drive to the location and follow the drop off directions. Typically I meet the buyer right at the door & hand off. The exchange is only a moment, however occasionally I leave on front steps, in carports or occasionally in a garage that I have the door code for. It is entirely nice that I rarely deal with people & when I do, they are super happy that I have arrived.

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