Flying is no Longer Anxiety Producing for Me

When I got got a different job I thought I was going to have to turn it down, the promotion required me to travel all over the place giving presentations to potential purchasers… I have no issue speaking in front of people.

  • Flying causes me anxiety.

I stick to car, bus & train travel whenever possible. Unfortunately, a lot of our clients are far enough away from the office that air travel is the fastest, most cost effective way to travel. Thankfully I decided to research how to calm my flying anxiety before I turned the job down; A lot of people online commanded trying medical marijuana. Apparently weed can be effective treat anxiety with a little CBD & periodically THC. I was willing to try the marijuana or anything else really, at that point. I went through all the required documentation in order to get a medical marijuana card. I then went to the cannabis dispensary and kind of believed I would end up being high as a kite. I didn’t care, as long as I could get on a plane and keep my new job. The budtender was entirely great. The guy told me I didn’t need to smoke a joint & be high in order to have less anxiety.Then he commanded CBD oil. He told me to take a few drops right when I get to the airport. I then can take a drop in the bathroom after I go through security & maybe even on the flight bathroom in a pinch if I need it… Since it is a CBD infused oil, I won’t get high, just calm. So far it has worked ease my anxiety.

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