Getting a Medical Cannabis Card was a Straightforward Process

For years I have considered trying to get a medical marijuana prescription.

I don’t entirely need cannabis for a chronic illness, I just care about how it makes me feel.

Since I don’t suffer from MS, seizures, depression or bipolar disorder, I figured I just wouldn’t be allowed to have a medical cannabis card. I also thought the process of getting a medical marijuana card would be time consuming and annoying, and finally I decided to give it a try & say I had chronic insomnia. I entirely care about to smoke weed to sleep better at night. I told my medical professional that I was a victim of insomnia. He instantly wrote me a prescription for flower & cannabis oil. It was the shortest of all conversations. I had to fill out some paperwork, apply for my medical card, pay for it & then just chill until the card came in the mail. Then I was allowed to go to a medical marijuana dispensary. I felt a bit uncomfortable walking into a legal cannabis shop. I kept looking for cops to burst through the doors, push me to my stomach & cuff me. I thought I was going to get caught for lying & be thrown in jail. However, the experience was not at all difficult, pretty reasonably priced & I got the weed that I wanted. I am now a medical marijuana patient & can get whatever cannabis products I want each week. The medical strain of a weed is a little more potent, but it works. I am hoping someday I will be cleared to try some different THC & CBD infused items.

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