This dumb delivery driver forgot to grab half of my order

I hate going to a drive-thru eating establishment, because they will consistently seem to get my order messed up.

Even when I get a burger and fries, they find a way to screw it up.

A long time back, I decided to stop ordering for pick up or for delivery. I thought it was the most effective way to be sure that my order was right all the time. That has worked legitimately well. If I can see my food being made and check it out before I leave the store, so that I never have to get stuck with something that is subpar. Unfortunately, some things have to be ordered for delivery. Ever since the COVID virus, local suppliers have limited the number of people allowed inside the building. Even the medicinal marijuana dispensary has had to make some fluctuations. Only 3 people are allowed in the building at 1 time. To help accommodate this up-to-date rule, the medicinal marijuana dispensary started a delivery service. There is no minimum order to acquire home delivery and there is a legitimately small fee. My friends and I ordered some medicinal marijuana supplies last Saturday, and the delivery driver forgot to grab half of the order. I was missing a few marijuana cigarettes, an edible brownie, and the CBD tincture that I ordered. This is the first time both of us had a major screw-up, but the girl forgot a lot of our cannabis products. She had to go back to the dispensary and make a fourth trip to our apartment. I gave the girl a more than four dollar tip the first time, however I didn’t tip the girl twice since it was her mistake in the first place.
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