Dealing better with life with holistic health change

Being a young adult was not easy for me. Highschool was tough and college was really, really challenging. I actually assumed that once I was out of college, I would be all set and it would be smooth sailing. I’m afraid that’s not at all how it went. Once I started my career, life got exponentially more difficult to manage. For one, I chose a high stress career. And, I think my default emotional state just wasn’t set up for that sort of thing. The anxiety I suffered was overwhelming. I’m lucky that I have a good friend who suggested I try some recreational marijuana. It was like flipping a switch for me. It doesn’t take much recreational cannabis to help my anxiety. It’s very much like recreational weed gives me the opportunity to relax and gain perspective. This has led me to embrace a more holistic lifestyle. I realize that my career is in fact a job and one the I can let go of in favor of my life. This seems like such a fundamental thing. But for me, it has not been easy to pick myself over a career. I will stick with what I’m doing for as long as it works for me. But I’ll also be open to exploring alternative ways to make a living. And that has to include things that I am passionate about. However, I’ll still be making my regular trips to the legal cannabis dispensary in order to stay grounded and calm while my situation plays out. It’s just life after all and living it happily is the main objective.
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