Finding much needed comfort in a more holistic approach to life

This is behavior that I am not proud of.

I tend to want to compartmentalize my life at every opportunity. This is probably part of how our species manages life but I can take it to an extreme. The older I became, the more fractured my life became. I had a different filter with which to view the world and found it tougher and tougher to keep switching filters. It finally came to a head when I had a bit of an emotional breakdown. Thankfully, as part of me getting a grip, I found legal cannabis. Recreational marijuana was not something that I ever put much stock in. Sure, I took part in recreational weed when I was younger. But that was more of a fitting in thing than it was a focused effort to use recreational pot. And once I hit my adult years, recreational marijuana was in my rear view mirror. I was consumed with measured achievement and status. This is when I started to hit hyper drive when it came to sectioning off my life. If I was at work and my wife was having a bit of crisis, she never got my full attention. When it was my relaxation time and one of my kids needed my help, I did it grudgingly and I’m sure it showed. This is behavior that I am not proud of. And while I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through the upset of a breakdown, it changed my life. With the use of legal cannabis from the legal weed store near me, I am finding a new life. And it’s a life that is centered around holistic health and lifestyle.

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