The next best thing

A very cool thing happened in our section Last week when they opened up a new cannabis dispensary right down the road from our house, then i was surprised when I found out that our local government absolutely voted to allow the cannabis dispensary to open up in my city, but the people I was with and I have historically been a undoubtedly conservative section as well as people haven’t regularly been super open to the system of cannabis dispensaries as well as marijuana products being beneficial to individuals or to the neighborhood; With that being said, when they voted to allow the cannabis dispensary to open up, I immediately put in a job application to become an employee. I started to learn everything that I could about weird types of edibles love section cake, pot brownies, as well as OG kush. I also had a good time reading about orange haze, orange dream, as well as orange cannabis, however by the time I had my interview at the cannabis dispensary, I was basically an expert at everything in regards to cannabis! They hired me from the start and I worked the floor for a while but then I found out that they were going to be starting up a marijuana delivery repair shop so that’s the route that I decided that I wanted to go; Now, I’m not stuck there in the store at the cannabis dispensary. Instead, I’m enjoying my freedom out on the road, doing all of the cannabis deliveries as well as making people enthusiastic all day and night, however all of my cannabis customers entirely love to see myself and others pulling into their driveways! I love my job as well as I think it was the coolest thing ever to get a job at the cannabis dispensary.


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