Decompressing with a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Life can be really taxing.

And it’s not simply the pandemic and all the turmoil that has caused.

Granted, all that junk has not been a welcome addition to my life. But, my life was already a bit of a stressful mess. There is really no one to blame but myself. I have been an overachiever all of my life. So being really stressed out and on the verge of burnout at forty shouldn’t come as all that big a surprise. Thankfully, a good friend introduced me to recreational marijuana. This was my first time every enjoying any sort of cannabis product. I didn’t even try it when I was a much younger man. Again, I was all about making sure that I was reaching for success all the time. And marijuana was not viewed as a tool for success back then. Too bad it took me a few decades to figure out that a nice hybrid strain really helps change things for me. My friend took me on my first trip to the cannabis dispensary. The first thing I noticed was just how many smiles I saw all around me. This was a good sign that I was going somewhere that people were finding some goodness. I wasn’t really convinced that anything like a sativa or indica strain could actually help me. However, once I got talking with one of the people who worked there, I got a whole new idea of just what cannabis products could actually do for me. And once I tried it, I was sold. There is no doubt that I will be incorporating cannabis products into my life. It’s a great way to decompress for sure.

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