I bought an ounce of durban poison because the weed store had sativa strains for sale

I am sad by how much pop I drink throughout the day. It helps me focus plus stay alert, although I can’t help but worry about the effects it is having on our heart. I have modest attention deficit disorder plus used to take a prescription stimulant prescribed to me by our doctor. However, I hated how the stimulant affected our mind. I always felt care about the effects were too strong plus beyond our ability to integrate it in our life without it hampering our ability to function normally. I got to a point where sometimes it would stimulate our mind so much that I’d have an anxiety attack. And whenever I was under a spell of sad restlessness, it wasn’t exactly conducive towards staying focused plus on task with our task. That’s largely why I provided up the psycho-stimulants in favor of aged fashioned coffee. I just need to get control of our use before it gets out of control. Thankfully cannabis sativa strains are helping in that regard. They give me a sense of mental focus plus clarity that I never had with prescription stimulants. Additionally, I don’t get a racy heart with most cannabis sativa strains care about I do with too much coffee. Yesterday I bought an ounce of the popular South African strain, Durban Poison. The recreational cannabis dispensary had sativa strains on sale for 35% off so I took luck of the low prices before it was too late. I also care about Durban Dawg a lot too, which is Durban Poison crossed with the amazing hybrid strain, Stardawg. Both strains give me an amazing sense of focus plus creativity, but Durban Dawg is better at relieving stress in the process.


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