Looks like the marijuana tipping point is coming

I love that this past election cycle saw so many more states embracing cannabis is some form.

Whether it is total legalization for recreational marijuana or medical marijuana, the total of states changing their laws is quite encouraging. That said, there is still a ways to go before all of us can simply walk into a cannabis dispensary to pick up some blue dream or purple haze. But it’s coming. And this last election cycle absolutely proves it. The very idea that recreational marijuana would ever be legal is something that was hard to even imagine not all that long ago. When I started using cannabis, if you didn’t know a marijuana grower, you had to deal with some obstacles just to get to marijuana for sale. Fortunately, that era is coming to an end. The demonization of recreational marijuana seems to finally be dying. And those that still deal in all that fear and myth are falling to the wayside. The idea of having a cannabis dispensary or a marijuana business is now a mainstream concept. And we can thank all the pioneers in the pro cannabis movement for where we are now. It started with legalizing medical marijuana. That was a crucial step to defeating all the stereotypes and mischaracterizations. Soon, most if not all of the country can simply walk into their neighborhood cannabis dispensary to get the cannabis products they want. That is happening in my state where medical marijuana was passed a few years ago. I now have a prescription and am able to get the cannabis products that help me. That is important and I am grateful.

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