Needed it in order to move better

I was using CBD cream that I purchased at the medical marijuana dispensary

After an automobile accident, it took quite a while to get back to normal. I had broken my shoulder blade. Even though it had been nearly a few years, I had a drastic disadvantage in how I moved. It was painful to rotate my shoulder. I had been going to rehabilitation twice a week, to the point that I was no longer improving. They were ready to set me loose, but I wasn’t feeling any better. They had me see the doctor before leaving for the last time. He said I had a great range of motion, even though he wanted to know about the pain level. I told him that the pain had never legitimately subsided, but I didn’t want to take painkillers. He handed me a small jar of cream. He said that if the cream worked for me, he would give me a prescription. I took the bottle to the house to try it out. I couldn’t believe how much it worked. I was able to sit down for a full night’s sleep. My sibling was shocked at how much I was able to do without stopping to rest or take some OTC painkillers. I called the doc at the rehab center the next day to talk about that amazing cream. He told me to go to the medical marijuana dispensary so that they could refill it for me. I was using CBD cream that I purchased at the medical marijuana dispensary. For the first time in a year I was able to move my shoulders without a lot of pain.

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