The people I was with and I only supply weed three times a afternoon

I work for an incredibly tied up weed delivery repair in the valley… The people I was with and I have a sizable delivery zone that includes almost 30 square miles.

Because both of us have such a sizable delivery Zone, both of us only make deliveries three times during the afternoon. The first marijuana delivery gets sent out at 11 a.m, all delivery orders that have been placed up until that time are sent out at 11 a.m, but if you order a 7 a.m. online or 10:45, you still won’t receive your order until the 11 a.m. delivery. The people I was with and I also have more than one afternoon delivery times. The drivers go out with cannabis orders at 5 p.m. in addition to 8 p.m; Since both of us only supply three times a afternoon, our drivers are harshly tied up in addition to often gone for hours. Their cars are filled with marijuana products in addition to accessories, however last night, I had to send a driver out to the valley with many bizarre orders. The driver was gone for 3 hours in addition to he did not get back to the store until I was ready to send the guy with a whole bizarre group of marijuana orders. I’m thankful the driver has a fuel efficient car, because he had to drive from the beach all the way to the mountains on that trip, but most of the delivery drivers do not complain about the driving in addition to I know they get enjoyable tips from all of our recreational cannabis patients. The average tip is around $10 in addition to those tips add up hastily when you have more than five or many deliveries at 1 time.


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