Helping a tweaked back

It’s so odd how a guy can be healthy and doing well 1 day plus flat on their back the next.

This is exactly what happened to me. Out of nowhere, my back was tweaked.. And the pain was so much that I could hardly function. At first, I thought I had just overworked it at the gym. Little did I know that it was the start of a condition that only medical marijuana has helped. When I initially went to the medical professional, he gave me some muscle relaxers and told me that I should be good to go. The meds helped a bit but mainly all I could do was sleep. Once I tried to get back on my feet, my back cramped up and didn’t allow me much movement. Until I finally got some help from medical cannabis products, I was in a never ending cycle of pain and sedation. My work, relationships and my life overall suffered. I kept trying strange doctors. Finally, 1 doctor helped me read about just how to get a medical marijuana card. He entirely felt that medical cannabis would help my situation. I wanted to get some cannabis education myself plus did just that at some cannabis dispensary events. There I learned a superb deal about all the strange cannabis products that could help my particular problem. My first trip to the legal weed shop was enlightening. Not only did I feel supported and understood, they put together numerous samples for myself and others to try. I was amazed at how the medical cannabis allowed myself and others immediate relief plus flexibility.
medical marijuana