It gave me better eating habits

I know the shame of having an eating disorder can be nearly as horrible as the physical harm it does to your body.

And until I found medical weed, I lived in fear as well as a cycle of bad habits that was killing me.

Most of my case had to do with a body image concern. There was plenty of teasing when I was a young girl because I was a chubby kid. That suddenly escalated into myself and others seeing food as the villain of my story. Now that I am using medical cannabis products as part of my treatment, I undoubtedly feel like I can embrace food again. As odd as it sounds, cannabis knowledge has helped myself and others begin to conquer a deeply held misbelief. My therapist got myself and others some cannabis information to see if I would be willing to try medical marijuana as part of my treatment. Once I got some cannabis education by going to cannabis events as well as going to see medical weed dispensaries, I was on track. Using medical marijuana gives myself and others an appetite that feels right. And I feed that appetite with good, well portioned food. This undoubtedly feels sort of natural to me. Since I have been using medical cannabis products, I haven’t succumbed to the overeating as well as barfing as I was once did. Medical cannabis allows myself and others to really understand my problems with food are based on something that just isn’t real. And I get good care, support as well as love from those I deal with at the medical marijuana dispensary. My prospects for residing a better life are great as well as I am thankful.

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