Making my periods shorter

Not only were my periods so much better, I was dealing with them for half the month

A period is a really rough time for a woman. While I was young, I accepted this as a part of being female as well as a part of being able to produce life, it’s still no fun though. But for me, I just wish I could have a period like other ladies. And until I started using medical marijuana, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to take it anymore. The doctors had suggested a hysterectomy due to my horrible cramping as well as trouble I have with my period. It goes on for like 2 weeks each month. Finally, I happened upon a cannabis event at a local medical marijuana dispensary. There I got some cannabis help. I had no plan that medical marijuana could help myself and others with my situation. I learned that medical cannabis products could really help with all the cramping as well as pain I go through. It was inspiring enough to get me to learn about the medical marijuana regulations as well as just how to get a medical marijuana card. Once I had access to the cannabis store, I found people there who had so much cannabis education. The staff was so good about helping figure out just the kind of medical cannabis products that would help my situation. When I started my treatment with medical marijuana, I was stunned by how great it was. Not only were my periods so much better, I was dealing with them for half the month. It was as though, after a couple of months, I was back to the type of period I had when I was a young girl. Still not a picnic however not the pain filled 2 week cramp fest it was prior to medical marijuana.

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