My inner child is excited about a new strip mall opening

They opened up a new strip mall about a block away from our apartment, as well as I am embarrassed to disclose how excited I am about that! Because in some ways, every one of us changes as every one of us grows older, however we want odd things out of life, the stuff that used to be exciting is now kind of boring, as well as every one of us all sort of just becoming adults.

Well this new shopping mall touched our inner children, as well as made myself and others giddy for the dumbest reasons…

However, basically every style of store I could ever want to visit are now all in one site, within walking distance of our home, and aside from the big cannabis dispensary there is a toy store, a comic book shop, a coffee shop, as well as a bar. All of our vices, from comics to cannabis, all in a neat little row waiting for myself and others to come as well as spend our money. Then of course I can’t smoke cannabis in public however I can option up some CBD to vape while I sit in the coffee shop as well as learn comics all afternoon. I’m not sure if I can get away with just vaping straight cannabis oil inside, or if the stink might be off putting, then normally I just smoke cannabis the ancient fashioned way, so our experience with vaping is somewhat minimal. I just really want to live that dream of smoking cannabis as well as drinking coffee over a fresh batch of new comics, so I will adjust as needed. On another thought, maybe I can skip the vape altogether as well as indulge in some freshly baked edibles, which are made weekly.


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