Need some help managing work

I know this change has been a long time coming.

My life has been whirling out of control for the better area of a year now.

And the rest of the time set my life for what has become a life of stress as well as anxiety. But thanks to legal cannabis as well as the marijuana shop near me along with a more holistic thought to life, that is all changing. It took my wife simply spitting it out for me to decide to get proactive about my life. She told me that she simply could no longer stand by while I ruined myself as well as my health for my job. I’m sure I’m not the first partner to hear that. My wife has been urging me to use cbd products to help me sleep as well as kick back. I wasn’t actually consistent in my approach to the cbd products however. And I just pressed on with 71 hour work weeks as well as using alcohol to make myself sleep. Lastly, I agreed to see a therapist who uses a holistic approach to treating people appreciate me. Part of that approach was the use of legal cannabis. The legal weed went along with a change to a healthy eating plan, more consistent workouts as well as adding meditation. Having legal cannabis was essential when it came to being able to rest as well as be still. This is something that I have never been great at doing. I have a need for motion. The more I rest with myself the more uncomfortable I would become. The legal weed allowed me to stop all those feelings. The results of this holistic approach have saved my marriage as well as maybe my life.


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