Tips for being a cannabis delivery driver

For unskilled labor, being a delivery driver is not a bad way to make ends meet. Of course there are a lot of variables at play, and different areas and eateries will net you better tips, but overall I always did pretty well as a driver. What other job can I pick up and start making $20 an hour on the first night? I was no good at waiting tables, but driving was well within my wheelhouse. On a good night I might even make $30 an hour, when the minimum wage and my tips were combined. Of course, the best delivery job you can possibly get is for a cannabis dispensary, and let me tell you why. First of all, people who smoke cannabis tend to be the most chill people to do business with. Especially if they have been out for a while, when the marijuana delivery guy shows up they are very happy to see him. This translates to nice juicy tips, sometimes with money and sometimes with fat marijuana buds. The one thing I never do, even though it gets offered to me every single time, is hang out with the cannabis dispensary customers and get stoned. I smoke marijuana every day, but I don’t do it on the job, while I am out making deliveries. We lose a lot of drivers because they can’t keep business and personal separate and end up smoking marijuana while working. When customers offer me some cannabis, or an edible, I always take it, and then indulge later, when I get back home.



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