I couldn’t dispose of my marijuana medical card.

I walked into the marijuana dispensary and I had another shock.

I was having a difficult time with my arthritis. I was constantly plagued with pain and swelling that it made it difficult for me to move my hands or even walk. I talked to my doctor and she offered to help me get a medical marijuana card. She walked me through all the steps and she even went with me when I went to the medical marijuana dispensary for the first time. I had to admit that it was quite a shock when I walked in there. Even though I was told they had the best prices of all marijuana dispensaries in the area, I could only afford to purchase products if they were on sale. This didn’t happen very often. When the pandemic hit, I made several big changes in my life. I married a wonderful man and I moved out west with him. I was shocked to find out that not only did this state have legal medical marijuana, but they also had legal recreational marijuana. I no longer needed to have a medical marijuana card to get my marijuana products. I walked into the marijuana dispensary and I had another shock. The prices were almost sixty percent lower than the sale prices at the marijuana dispensary I had used in my past home. It was quite a surprise when I got a phone call from the doctor who had helped me to get my medical marijuana card. She said it was time to renew the card and wanted to know if I needed her assistant. I was happy to tell her about the changes in my life and that I was now living in a state that had legal medical and recreational marijuana and I no longer needed a medical card.


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