I have never felt so good.

I am beginning to understand why some people are calling marijuana a miracle plant. Marijuana has been proven to be useful in several areas of medicine and health treatments. I have benefited from the use of marijuana. I remember how, as a child, I would awaken in the corner of the room in a fetus position. I was talking to my therapist one day and I asked if there wasn’t something I could take that didn’t make me feel like a zombie. She suggested I may be willing to try medical marijuana. I was to the point where I would have tried anything. She told me she could help me to get the medical marijuana card so I could legally buy medical marijuana from the local marijuana dispensary. I got my medical card and I went to the medical marijuana dispensary. I talked to the budtender who was behind the counter and told her why I was there. She went into the back room and talked to the manager. He came out and looked at my prescription. I told him that I was still working, but it was getting more difficult every day. He gave me a few marijuana products to try while I was at home. He then gave me a cannabis oil vape pen for work. He said I could tuck it into my pocket and no one would know that I had cannabis with me. It was virtually odorless and I could use it whenever I was in the bathroom. Everyone noticed a difference when I showed up at social functions, and I even ended up with a raise and a promotion. I could have never done this if it had been for medical marijuana.

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