Marijuana products are on sale

I’ve been underwhelmed by some of the weed dispensaries that have opened in my state.

Only some of them have always provided quality cannabis products, whereas many are pleased with selling substandard, dried-out flower buds and poorly extracted marijuana oils.

Although there are some reviews on the internet, it takes a year or more before they amass for a brand new business. Occasionally you’re being treated as a guinea pig if you’re one of the first customers at a brand new cannabis dispensary. This happened to me a lot because I was one of the first marijuana patients in the state after we passed a law legalizing medical marijuana. There was also one certain business that had good products from the start, but many of the others were dodgy at best. I purchased marijuana oil cartridges on numerous occasions that tasted like the chemical solvents that were used to extract them. This results from a bad extraction technique that is at fault for cutting corners and creating a dangerous product for consumers. Thankfully I have found good marijuana stores in the years since. One of my preferred dispensaries has new marijuana products on sale right now as part of a week-long sales promotion. They have brand new hybrid strains of marijuana flower products, and brand new CBD oil and dessert edibles that are high in THC. I love to stock up on marijuana whenever there’s a good sales promotion going on, which seems like at least once a week at this point. People need to realize that they can save more money if they wait to get their cannabis products whenever there is an active sale going on. Getting the same product for 25% less results in more money in my pocket after I leave the weed store.


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