My manager had to call the police.

When I started my new job, I was thrilled to be working for a marijuana dispensary. I hadn’t yet received my cannabis education certificate so the only job I could take was one at the counter. I was only able to check people’s IDs as they came in the door. Once I got my cannabis education certificate, I would be able to work as a budtender. We had a large lounge in the back of the dispensary and a lot of people would come in and purchase a quarter or half ounce of marijuana and sit in the lounge for the day. We had one of these guys come in almost every day for a week. He was getting much friendlier than I wanted and I talked to my manager. He told me the man was just high and didn’t realize he was being too friendly. After a week, I talked to my manager again. I said that he was hanging around me and touching my arm. My manager began to watch him. As long as he was purchasing marijuana, we couldn’t kick him out of the marijuana dispensary. One evening, I was heading out to my car, and the man was sitting in his car. He was parked next to my car, and it bothered. I talked to the manage of the marijuana dispensary and he offered to walk me out, and he said he was going to follow me home. I thought it was the manager behind me, until a light lit up the face in the car. I found out he had pulled out behind me and followed me home. My manager called and told me he wouldn’t bother me anymore. He had called the police, but I was still afraid.



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