My marijuana order was all wrong.

I was really anxious for the weekend to arrive.

My friends and I were going to have a party this weekend.

College graduation was over, and we had nothing to do for a full week. When I got paid, I went online to see what kind of sales they were having for the weekend. We were going to watch some ball games on television, chow down on pizza and wings, have a couple beers and enjoy our marijuana. I saw that many of our usual marijuana products were anywhere from 15 to 20% off. I talked to the budtender via online chat and told her what marijuana products I was looking for. She assured me they were available and on sale. I asked if I could have them delivered the following day and she said that would definitely be doable. I paid for our marijuana products and I went to town for beer. I ordered the pizza and wings to be delivered around the same time as the marijuana products. Within ten minutes of the pizza being delivered, the marijuana delivery person arrived. He dropped off my order and left. My friends had started going through the bag and I heard their discord. I had ordered three bags of marijuana flower, but that wasn’t what I received. They sent two bags of hybrid and one bag of a sativa strain. I wasn’t happy and I immediately called the marijuana dispensary. The budtender apologized and said the driver must have delivered the wrong bag to me. She promised he would be back within the hour with the correct order and they would charge me for the delivery.