The cannabis dispensary made a mistake.

Since we were already drinking, my best friend and I decided to go online and put in an order at the legal recreational cannabis dispensary.

I asked to deliver the order to my address.

We were expecting a couple more friends to show up so we could have a party. When we had our cannabis order ready, we hit send and paid it with our credit card. We received a delivery time for one hour from the time the order was received. This made sense to us and we decided to just enjoy the baseball game and continue drinking beer. We had ordered pizza and wings in the interim and we realized that our marijuana hadn’t yet arrived. I called the marijuana dispensary to see if they had yet left the dispensary. I was surprised when they said he had left an hour ago, and they didn’t know why he hadn’t arrived. No sooner had I hung up the phone,, and I got a phone call from the delivery driver. He told me he had my marijuana products, but he was having a difficult time finding my house. He gave me the address the cannabis dispensary had given him and told me where he was at. I had to chuckle when I told him that he was an hour away. I had to explain to him that he was supposed to be on Evan’s Road. He had been travelling up and down Evan’s Street for the last half hour trying to find my address. I gave him the proper address and he told me he would be there as quickly as possible.
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