We needed an online ordering website.

I love working at my present job.

A little over a year ago, I took the position of manager to a new cannabis dispensary in the suburbs. I love this cannabis dispensary. It is one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in our corporation. We have enough space for twice the cannabis products of any other dispensary, and we have a lounge and bar available to our clients. There is always someone coming and going from the dispensary. The budtenders are so busy that they seldom have time to take a break. I was at a manager’s meeting shortly after I started my job. I told the corporate associate that business could be much easier and more lucrative if we were to have an online store that people could order from. We already had delivery services. I thought that people could put their orders in and simply pick it up instead of waiting in line. There were so many times when people left without purchasing any marijuana products because they didn’t want to wait any longer. I told the associate that if we could have online ordering people would take their time ordering and it had been proven that orders were increased by as much as 200%. He didn’t seem to take my suggestion to heart until we had our next meeting. He announced they were working on an online ordering system for each individual cannabis dispensary. The website would be up and running within a week. Within a month, my cannabis dispensary had nearly doubled its sales, and it was all thanks to the new website ordering system.

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